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Should You Sleep with Pets?

Posted On February 11, 2015
February 11, 2015

For many pet owners, the four-legged friends that live with humans can seem more like family than animals. For some, Daisy is not a Poodle but a daughter and Smokey is not an all-black Persian but a son. If you consider your pets as part of the household, then shouldn’t they participate in family activities like catching a Frisbee and enjoying a Labor Day BBQ? But what about getting some shut-eye? Good or bad idea? Should you sleep with pets?

Sleep with Pets: Yes or No?

Although most people think of the rock band when they hear “Three Dog Night,” it is actually a term with an Australian origin. When the temperature at night dipped down low, a Down Under cowboy was known to sleep with three dogs to keep warm. However in modernized society, having a pet or multiples sleep in your bed is viewed in a totally different context. According to the Centers for Disease Control, it is estimated that anywhere from 14 to 62 percent of the 165 million dogs and cats share a bed with their pet owners. Granted, pets can be like family but is it really best to keep them off the bed?

According to a Mayo Clinic Sleep Disorders Center survey, more than half of people (53 percent) who own pets shared that their quality of sleep is negatively impacted. No matter if your furry and four-legged family member is a dog or a cat, pets can move around at night and prevent you from achieving a good night of sleep. Add to the mix that their bodies can be a haven for fleas, ticks, dander and pollen, sparking sleep-disruptive sneezing and nasal congestion

But then again on the other hand, there are many people who find that having a pet sleep with them in bed helps stave off insomnia and other issues preventing restorative slumber. Especially for people who are single, there is also the companionship and protection factor to consider when weighing in the pros and cons of banning a pet from your bed. And what if you are a pet owner who as allergies or even a breathing disorder and can’t bear the thought of kicking your furry child out of bed, what can you do? There are two suggestions that you can try: install a HEPA filter in the vent in your bedroom and the other would be to take allergy medications (which you might very well already do) or shots

If you are healthy and do not have any sleeping issues, some other tips to keep everyone in the house safe and sound are some truly common-sense suggestions.

  1. Wash your hands! And wear gloves when handling kitty litter or picking up your dog’s bowel movements.
  2. Make sure that your pet has annual wellness exams. Keep up-to-date with vaccinations and flea and heartworm prevention.
  3. Give your pet regular baths.


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