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The Art of Dream Interpretation

Posted On January 21, 2015
January 21, 2015

Dreams can take on all kinds of forms, shapes, actions and color. Dreams can be reflective of your past, feature current happenings or be predictors—for some, of the future. Dreams can be happy to the point that you are sad that you have to wake and leave the comfort of the dream. And then dreams can morph into nightmares, and you can’t awake fast enough. There have been dreams where you fall and float in space. There have been dreams where you are taking a future test or giving a scheduled presentation. You have always wondered if there was any significance or meaning to your dreams. When it comes to dream interpretation, there’s a definite art.

When Do You Dream?

People often wonder: When do dreams actually occur? With normal sleep, it isn’t until you arrive at the second to last of five sleep stages that dreams will typically occur. Although in earlier stages, there might be dream imagery that floats in and out, typically it is the stage known as rapid eye movement (REM) that true—and cognizant for some—dreams appear. This stage occurs about an hour and 30 minutes after falling asleep and is characterized by increased brain activity (eyes move quickly back and forth) with body relaxation occurring at the same time. It is theorized that if you wake during REM or this ‘dream’ stage, you will recall what you were just dreaming. However, just because you don’t remember a dream doesn’t necessarily mean a dream didn’t occur.

Over the years, dream interpretation has had its critics and cheerleaders. Some believe that dream interpretation is utilized during psychoanalysis to help an individual work through deep-seated psychological problems. And some think that analysis of dreams can be used to assist in working out problems, i.e. a nudge in the right direction by our subconscious. And some think, it is a bunch of rubbish.

Dream Interpretation 101

In terms of dream interpretation, there are many common occurrences that have been associated and attributed to certain meanings. The following are some dream happenings and what they have come to symbolize within dream interpretation:

  • Flying: You want freedom, the opportunity to be creative, and/or wish to ignore obstacles and limitations.
  • Chased: Desire to run away from anything you fear.
  • On an island: Feeling lonely and isolated, or desire to be independent.
  • Losing teeth: Worried about the way you look, or not being able to handle a situation.
  • Falling: Scared of being out of control, or feeling insecure.
  • Discovering a new room or area in your house: You uncovered a quality about yourself you never knew you had.
  • Find yourself naked in public: You want to be noticed or on the flip side, you are anxious or feel exposed.

Published in the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association, the author looked at the merits of utilizing dream imagery to assist patients in uncovering memories that hamper them from solving problems in their lives. Hence, there are dream interpretation experts that suggest you can tap into and harness the power of dreams to help solve a problem.

How so? If there is a situation or question that you need help with or an answer to, repeat the question a number of times before you actually go to sleep. And when you wake up in the morning, hopefully, you will have the solution to your problem.

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