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What Do Sleep Positions Say About You?

Posted On February 6, 2014
February 06, 2014

Rolled up in a ball as if you were still in your mother’s womb? Splayed out on your stomach while you reach for the stars? Or as still as a soldier with arms plastered to your side? Do any of these sleep positions sound like you? Believe it or not, you can tell a lot about a person by the position in which he or she sleeps.

What Exactly Does Your Sleep Position Mean?

According to Chris Idzikowski, PhD, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service in the United Kingdom, sleep positions not only affect an individual’s health but may factor into personality traits. One thousand participants took part in a survey about their sleep positions, how long they slept as well as answered questions about their personality.  Six distinct positions came up on top of the list and shed some insight on the individual’s personality.

Fetus: Forty-one percent in the survey slept in this position, which meant they slept curled up in a ball. In addition, twice as many women than men sleep in this manner. People who sleep in a fetal position may take a long time to warm up to others, and even though they might seem like they are tough on the outside, inside they are sensitive. If you curl up like a ball, try to do so on your right side. If you sleep on the left side, it can cause stress on your lungs, stomach and liver. The fetal position is also best if you suffer with leg cramps or restless leg syndrome.

Log: In this position, you are lying on your side with both arms stuck to your side. If you sleep as sound as a log (as did 15 percent of the test subjects), you are probably easygoing and social. However, you also might be an easy mark for strangers to take advantage of because you are so trusting of people. If you suffer from back pain, this is the best sleep position for you because it allows you to keep your spine straight.

Freefall: People in this position will sleep lying on their stomach with hands above or around the pillow with their head turned to one side. Despite the fact that they are extroverts, freefallers, who tipped the survey scale at 7 percent, tend to take criticism personally seeming thin-skinned. Sleeping in this position (or any one in which you are lying with your face down) assists with digestion.

Yearner: Another side-sleeping position but the difference here is that you keep your arms out in front. Adventuresome and open to trying anything new, nevertheless, yearners also weigh the pros and cons of each decision they make. But once they move forward, this type of sleeper hardly ever changes his or her mind. If you have been diagnosed with acid reflux disease or sleep apnea, this is the best sleeping position for you.

Starfish: According to the survey, this least popular position is characterized by sleeping on one’s back with both arms up. If you sleep like a starfish, it is likely that you are a good friend and listener, and always willing to pitch in an extra hand to help. This position is a big no-no if you have difficulty breathing or snore.

 Soldier: People who sleep like a soldier do so on their back with their arms still at their sides. Soft spoken and quiet, soldiers tend to not rock the boat and also place high expectations on themselves and others. Like the starfish, sleeping like a soldier is bad if you snore or have an issue breathing. In general, sleeping on your back is not recommended if you suffer from sleep apnea.

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