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Patient Testimonials

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Read what some of our SATCOA partnered physicians’ patients have to say about our procedure and their experience with Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America:

The following patient testimonials were compiled from patients who were surveyed after the completion of their post procedural sleep study. Today’s patients have more educational resources available to them than ever before. Consequently, informed patients have more questions and concerns about their care. SATCOA’s medical concierge staff provide a high level of transparency and availability that gives patients clear expectations, and attentive care—raising overall patient satisfaction and retention rates. Please contact us to receive a full list of patient testimonials.

Ronny A. Testimonial

My sleep apnea was inhibiting me from getting sufficient rest as it was causing me to wake up every 30 minutes. I knew I had to intervene to reclaim my life and I must say that I’m so thankful I went to my doctor. Since he performed the procedure on me, I breathe better, my throat’s more open, and I rest better at night. – Ronny A.



Vickie L.

Sleep apnea was waking me up in the middle of the night gasping for air. I decided to have the procedure done and as a result, I no longer wake up in the middle of the night and I sleep very well. I don’t feel tired during the day anymore like I did before the procedure. It was a truly relief in my life… I hold my physician in the highest regard. – Vickie L.



Terry G. Testimonial

I chose to have the RFA procedure because I had a really severe case of sleep apnea. Because of my condition, I felt that it would be beneficial to take advantage of the operation. After receiving the procedure, I had a follow-up that showed I had only mild sleep apnea. Now, I no longer have to sleep with a CPAP machine and have a much higher quality of life. – Terry G.



Sheila F. Testimonial

Before undergoing the RFA procedure I was constantly snoring, wasn’t sleeping well, and was forced to use a CPAP machine, which was extremely uncomfortable. After having the procedure done, I no longer take any medication to fall asleep! In regards to the office, I love the setup…It makes you feel comfortable. – Sheila F.



Johnnie S. Testimonial

As a result of the procedure, I’m sleeping better and not using the CPAP machine. I’ve already recommended the Doctor to everyone I know with sleep apnea. – Johnnie S.




Samantha F. Testimonial

Prior to the treatment, I got up all throughout the night and had regular seizures. Following the procedure performed by the doctor, my symptoms are in the past. I would definitely recommend this procedure to others suffering from this brutal condition. – Samantha F.

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