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Patient Experience Management

What is Patient Experience Management?

Efficient, Profitable, and Knowledgeable

Our medical concierge team is highly skilled in both sleep medicine and customer relations with backgrounds ranging from medical device to pharmaceutical sales. Our medical concierge team nurtures patients from the beginning of the medical process to the end, which extends well beyond the last procedure or treatment date. Consider our medical concierge as an alternative to a multi-tasking office coordinator, dedicated to increasing the volume of your practice, all the while leveraging SATCOA’s proprietary tracking system to ensure optimal performance of the marketing channels and campaigns, as well as the patient coordination system.

Our medical concierge team is trained to make patients feel comfortable in the typically unnerving world of medicine, educating them on every aspect of care provision and financial transaction, creating scheduling efficiencies, and following up with them multiple times after the procedure or treatment to ensure complete patient satisfaction.

Seamless Coordination with Measurable Results

As a highly trained individual in the area of his or her practice’s expertise, the medical concierge serves as the patient’s touch point throughout the entire treatment process. From the initial point of contact, the medical concierge makes prospective patients feel comfortable, while evaluating their candidacy for treatment. He or she gains a thorough understanding of the patient’s unique needs, and clearly describes the treatment process, answering all questions along the way. Following a prospect’s conversion to a patient, the medical concierge continues to be an available resource, checking on their progress post treatment. While simultaneously providing the patient with a positive treatment experience, the dedication of the medical concierge provides relief to the practice’s administrative staff and physician(s).

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Enhanced Patient Experience

Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America - Patient Experience Management

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