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Patient Acquisition

What is Patient Acquisition?


Direct to Patient Marketing and Sales

Through offline and online marketing techniques, sometimes known as patient acquisition, our marketing professionals have proven experience with reaching a wide range of potential patients. Our direct to patient education, marketing, and sales lead to a high amount of medically qualified candidates for your practice.

What does SATCOA’s Healthcare Intelligence (HI) System do?

SATCOA’s Healthcare Intelligence (HI) system provides full visibility to every prospect’s level of engagement. This enables SATCOA’s marketing team and medical concierges make informed, actionable decisions that increase patient conversions and drastically reduce cost per acquisition rates. The end result is a fuller pipeline of highly qualified patient leads and a lasting, positive impact on revenue performance over time.

How does SATCOA’s Healthcare Intelligence (HI) System work?

Every aspect of SATCOA’s lead conversion process is precisely measured to ensure our efforts are successful. In addition, tracking and visibility are a priority as we provide each of our partners with a customizable proprietary dashboard in order to track each identifiable metric. Implementation of a dashboard system into our partners’ practice illustrates the return on investment created by marketing and sales efforts in an intuitive and comprehensive display. These dashboards are designed to track both quantitative and qualitative metrics and are customized depending on our partners’ specific needs, which allows them to see a live snapshot of their entire practice, thereby operating more efficiently.

What sets SATCOA’s Healthcare Intelligence (HI) System apart from other companies?

SATCOA’s HI system differs from traditional marketing platforms in its targeted approach to prospective patient engagement. Simply put, HI starts with the delivery of marketing efforts focused heavily on proven-successful offline channels to motivate brand discovery and engagement. Online marketing initiatives then move prospects through the acquisition cycle to conversion. Following the acquisition of new patients, nurturing campaigns are utilized to generate high patient retention rates. Every stage of the HI model is tracked and reported on in a comprehensive and intuitive format, providing you 100% visibility of the return on your investment.

Enhanced Patient Experience

Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America - Patient Experience Management

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Terry G. Testimonial

I chose to have the RFA procedure because I had a really severe case of sleep apnea. Because of my condition, I felt that it would be beneficial to take advantage of the operation. After receiving the procedure, I had a follow-up that showed I had only mild sleep apnea. Now, I no longer have to sleep with a CPAP machine and have a much higher quality of life. – Terry G.   Click Here to Read More Patient Testimonials

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