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Medical Billing

Streamlining Insurance Reimbursements – Medical Billing

Medical Billing

SATCOA’s team of billing experts handles the entire process from insurance pre-certification/verification through reimbursement. Our medical billing department coordinates the health care billing, payment, and claims reconciliation process for each of our physician partner practices. Our medical billing team has the luxury of focusing and becoming experts with one CPT code, CPT 41530.

While a prospective patient is on the phone speaking with one of our medical concierges, he or she is seamlessly sent to SATCOA’s medical billing department for real-time insurance verification and pre-certification. By using all electronic transactions, our physician partners are eliminated from many of the manual daily processes, so more time can be spent on direct patient care. Our medical billing department has decades of experience in experimental and conventional medical billing and have been over 97% successful overturning denials for coverage.

SATCOA’s proprietary medical billing system provides our physician partners with real time access to reimbursement forecasting and financial reporting. Our medical billing team integrates within and works with our partners’ practices to establish and set financial policies relating to co-pay collections, trigger-points for escalating collection efforts, and write-off guidelines.

  • Insurance Verification: Our medical concierge team pre-certifies and verifies each patient’s insurance
  • Demographic and Chart Entry: Our medical concierges enter each patient’s information into appropriate EHR and CRM
  • Coding and Audits: Our medical billing team compiles CPT and diagnosis codes based on carrier requirements
  • Claim Submission: Our medical billing team submits audited claims and coordinates with carriers for processing
  • Payment Posting: Our medical billing team applies the payment to the appropriate patient account
  • AR Analysis: Our accounting department insures claim problems are identified and resolved

Optimizing Medical Billing and Insurance Reimbursements

  • Management and set up of Cloud-based electronic medical records
  • Corporate billing management and collections
  • Streamlined billing, appeals, and collection management staff at corporate office.
  • Patient pre-certification and insurance verification.

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