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Our Partners Locations

Our Partners Locations

Shaping the Future of Sleep Medicine  

SATCOA Albany | SATCOA Dallas | SATCOA Douglas | SATCOA Savannah | SATCOA Statesboro | SATCOA Tampa

Recent Openings: SATCOA Dublin | SATCOA Eastman | SATCOA Milledgeville

Our Physician Partners come from a wide range of medical backgrounds, yet they each understand the importance of offering their patients curative treatment options for obstructive sleep apnea. By partnering with entrepreneurial physicians, SATCOA is able to expand patient access to our minimally invasive treatment that sees a 100% improvement in patients with a cure close to 73% for mild sleep apnea patients.  We are currently operating in 6 locations across the country. Due to high reimbursements and patient demand for our treatments, our development team has highlighted certain areas that are ripe for expansion.

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