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How do you find potential patients for my practice?

Patients are now playing more of an active role in their health. Patients are no longer waiting for an insurance company or general doctor to direct them to a specialist or provide a diagnosis. They are actively self-diagnosing and seeking out medical treatments on their own. We have close to a decade of experience directly reaching patients whom are seeking alternative treatments. Through our multi-channel lead generation, SATCOA will leverage 21st century direct-to-patient marketing to drive inquiries and quality leads to our franchise clinics.

We find potential patients through the following channels:

– Online Marketing
Internet Marketing will be conducted by the Corporate Office’s Marketing Department. This will include posting listings and ads on various web portals as well as purchasing ad words that will benefit the – —–SATCOA brand.

– Offline Marketing
Off-line marketing will include newspaper, radio, TV, and the like. The Centralized Marketing Department will coordinate these marketing efforts based on your market area and your agreed upon marketing calendar.

– Seminars
A great way to increase brand awareness and educate potential patients in your local market is through conducting seminars about Sleep Apnea and Radiofrequency Tongue Ablation. These are often free seminars conducted by the local franchisee and his/her ENTs. Once you have located a hotel meeting room (or other suitable location) and decided on a date and time for your seminar, contact the Marketing Department. Once you give them the pertinent information regarding your seminar, they will promote your seminar on your behalf.

– Public Relations
Whether your Sleep Apnea Treatment Centers of America® will be located in a smaller community or a very large city, getting the attention of the media requires patience and skill. The media isn’t interested in what your business has to offer for the sake of commerce, but how your business is contributing to some local, regional, or national issue that might appeal to the masses. It’s all about human interest. We understand this dynamic and use these opportunities to promote both good will and the SATCOA brand.

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