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Healthcare Cost Reduction

Healthcare Cost Reduction

Our Curative Treatment Program Sharply Reduces Costs

Evidence has shown that there is a cost savings associated with curing a sleep apnea patient. Including sleep monitoring procedures in the detection of sleep-disordered breathing, cost analysis demonstrates a savings of $9,200 to $13,400 per quality-adjusted life year gained. With an average age of diagnosis between 45 and 55 and an average life expectancy of a male somewhere in the range 75 to 80 years, there is a savings of $276,000 to $402,000 when sleep apnea is adequately treated or cured.

Healthcare Cost Reduction

  • The cost of untreated Sleep Apnea is staggering. It is known to cause serious diseases like diabetes, hypertension, heart failure and strokes.
  • Diagnosis and treatment can often reduce healthcare costs by as much as 50% for most drivers. When untreated, sleep disorders can be a very costly disease causing deteriorating health with increased hospitalizations, absenteeism and lowered productivity.
  • Our Cure is simple, minimally invasive and medically effective, resulting in a healthier drivers and pilots. Retention and productivity are increased due to a healthier and well rested workforce.

Employer Benefits of Treating and Curing Employees’ Sleep Apnea

  • decrease healthcare costs
  • reduce accidents and liability
  • improve retention and reduce turnover

Employee Benefits of Treating or Curing their Sleep Apnea

  •  improve quality of life
  • better understand the role sleep apnea plays in their overall health
    while promoting behavioral change

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